4 ALKATI (vidéo officielle)

Keurgui returns to the forefront of the hip-hop scene with a new song that denounces the abuses of the judicial system that undermine civil peace, national cohesion and the stability of our state.

Shrine – NYC – 2019

After attending Trinity International Hip Hop Festival we had a show at Shrine in New York City.

Trinity International Hip Hop Festival – Connecticut – 2019

The Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival is an annual event at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Each year, the festival brings together hip hop artists, academics, activists and fans from dozens of countries to perform, share and teach.

Ateneu Nou Barris – Barcelona – 2018

On 17th November we were in Ateneu Nou Barris, on the third anniversary from Sindicato Mantero, a self-organization of illegalized  people who is searching for solutions for street vendors, as is launching their own fashion brand “Top Manta”. We support their work and are happy to have been able to join them in their anniversary….

Kesselhaus-Maschinehaus – Berlin – 2018

This time we decided to organize ourselves a show in Kesselhaus-Maschinehaus , venue in Berlin at the Kulturbrauerei.  We want to give special thanks to Jabootou Keur Gui for all the support for this concert 🙂 … you are great!!!!  At the end of the show local rappers were invited to join the stage 🙂

Import-Export – Munich 2018

On the 4th November we were at Import-Export in Munich, where we started with a panel about social movements in West Africa  to then be part of a show, where we shared stage with Matador and  Waseem.   At the end several local rappers joined us too. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Kampnagel Fabrik – Hamburg – 2018

Matador and us , were invited to perform at the famous “Kampnagel Fabrik”, during the Fall of 2018, where the Organization AUGEN BLICKE AFRIKA e.V. was inviting artists of different art sections from Senegal. Through a cocktail of film screenings, exhibitions, performances, concerts, art productions, workshops and discussion events at selected locations in Hamburg, African…

UPEC – Dakar – 2018

Opening concert in the framework of UPEC (Université Populaire de l’Engagement Citoyen) at Place du Souvenir

FESTA2H – Dakar – 2018

Festival International de Hip Hop et des cultures urbaines. Le hiphop galsen se mobilise contre la migration irreguliere. Jeudi 21 juin 2018

Jardin Ville – Dakar 2018

After the rehearsal , Keur Gui avec Waliyaane live band at Jardin Ville in Dakar, in the framework of the 9th Global Assembly of the World Movement for democracy on the 8th May 2018  

Deggo de Ndorong – Kaolack 2018

Concert live on the 21st April at Deggo de Ndorong in Kaolack. Broadcasted 2sTV second television channel of Senegal on Saturday 28th April 2018 Part 1 Part 2   Aerial views of the amazing concert

At We are born free radio – Berlin

We had an interview at “WEAREBORNFREE! EMPOWERMENT RADIO” The one and only activist Radio in the Heart of Berlin. Standing for Humanity both day and night, with the aim to come together, united as one people with one struggle to tackle the system.