Sharp.Intense.Outspoken.Heartfelt.Keurgui, Thiat and Kilifeu, from Senegal, have been more than 20 years on stage using Hip-Hop to break with traditions and rising awareness. They turned their lyrics into action in the streets and created the movement Y’en a Marre which made the former President to step down.

Even if Hip-Hop is their base, you can find pop, rock, heavy metal, Afro funk in their music. They are consistently looking for ways to reinvent musically. Now they have found a perfect ally on Waliyaane Band, a band of eight versatile and talented musicians with whom to explore for new sounds.

Keurgui is well-known in the African continent but it has a wider audience since they’ve performed in main european countries (France, Denmark, Germany, Spain), Japan and in USA in festivals like One Mic in Kennedy Center (D.C) or Trinity International Festival (Conneticut).

Keurgui has won numerous awards—best hip-hop album of the year, best-selling artists, and best band at the Hip Hop Awards Festival in Senegal; nominated best band of the year at the Sunu Music Awards; nominated for the micro d’or award (gold mic); nominated for song of the year, Tube de l’année, Rfm Radio; nominated for African Hip Hop Awards in South Africa.

Their last album, a two-volume collection to be titled Encyclopedia has become one of the most covetet albums on the continent and acts as a loudspeakers of social and political issues across Africa.